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How routine changed my life

Being your own boss takes a lot of discipline and focus. Even working for a boss requires a routine, but it’s a bit easier when someone checks up on you. Routine doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of practice. It’s human to sometimes skip something, be too tired or just not in the mood, but over the last few years routine has really become very important in my daily life. My routine is based on my goals and plans.

For example, I will work out every afternoon after my work for the day is done, because I want to be more fit/strong or I want to run 30 min every day this week and 40 min everyday next week, and 45 min every day the week thereafter to take my cardio and endurance to the next level.

I’m very driven when it comes to my goals and I make them business wise and personal. I really try to stick to my goals, because at the end of the day it allows me to grow and become a better person. I don’t set all my goals at once. Balance is key and you need it in order to stay motivated to keep going.

The most important thing about routines, goals and plans is to make them according to who you are and what you want to accomplish. Don’t look at someone’s grass and think “Wow it’s green. Mine must also look like that.” Nope…, if you do that you will focus so much on their grass, that you forget to water yours.

I became very strict with myself in my matric year when I launched my debut single and did my matric year at the same time. Routine became important to me because I wanted to be successful in both. I studied extremely hard and really went the extra mile. After an exam I got into the car, then a radio station would call for an interview. I made it work because doing what I love and being successful was and still is my goal. When my dad collected my matric certificate, one of my teachers told my dad that she is really proud of me as my marks was really good even though I had a lot of things on my plate. I even got distinctions.

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It made me extremely proud because I disciplined myself, prayed a lot, set those routines, goals and plans and I just went for it. Late nights, early mornings no matter what, I did what I had to do.

“I love doing what I love and when you love what you do, you will do anything that you can to do it the best that you can.” – Geraldine Scholtz

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