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My Netflix Favourites

Do you have popcorn, hot chocolate and a super soft blanket ready because WOW South Africa has been experiencing some cold days recently. I think you will totally agree with me when I say that Netflix is the cure to cold weather.

I have so many favorites that I absolutely love on Netflix. They have some of the best TV shows and films all in one place.

Here is a list of my absolute favourites:


(Series – Political/Crime/Drama)

Oh, how I loved this series. It was a good one and I definitely want to watch it again.

Tom Kirkman turns into your best friend and after you watched this series you see politics in a different way.


(Series – Family/Romance/Drama)

When I watched this series all the episodes weren’t out yet. I would log into Netflix regularly to see whether the new episodes were available yet. I enjoyed this series because it made me laugh and had great moments that touched my heart. I enjoyed all the characters and to see what paths their lives took.


(Series – Family/Drama)

A family getting through life together in both happy and trying times. This series inspired me so much. I love that this series is all about family and unity. No matter what happens they stick together and come out of every situation stronger.


(Series – Family/Period Piece/Drama)

A woman left behind a big city and found herself in a small town in the early 1900’s. Will she survive being the only teacher in this small mining community? I have a thing for the olden days and loved the set where this was filmed; their clothes and their behaviour. A flashback to the good old days.


(Series - Drama)

Looking for a fresh start isn’t always that easy. Running away from the past normally catches up to you. A nurse from the big city LA moves to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Will she survive this change? Is it what she expected it to be? And what is she running from?


(Film – Romantic Comedy)

Vacation with her fiancé but opening his restaurant seems to be all that he is thinking about. During their vacation to Verona, Italy, Sophie finds herself on a new adventure. What could it be? Will it be the path to real love? Or will Sophie be left heartbroken at the end of this.


(Series – Crime/Drama/Action)

A situation can go wrong very quickly, especially when you are one of the world’s best snipers and suddenly you are framed for the president’s murder.

I’m not finished with this series but man oh man it’s good. I enjoy it so much. It’s an action series, but on another level.


(Film – Romantic Comedy)

Overworked bosses or overworked by their bosses? Two workaholic assistants have a brilliant plan to set up their bosses. It may be their chance to finally get out of the office. A good romance is always a great idea.


(Film – Romantic Drama)

A baker gets the chance to compete in a baking competition. When she arrives, she found out she has a look alike twin. They come up with an idea that might or might not be good; to trade places.


(Film – Romantic Drama)

Will you take the opportunity to write a good story about a prince to take your career as a journalist to the next level? This is a great movie and there is two more. The Christmas Prince: A royal wedding & The Christmas Prince: The royal baby.


(Film – Romantic Comedy)

A city girl wins an Inn. She chose to leave her city life behind and to start over. She didn’t expect that she would have to start over from the very beginning. Can she make her new life and the Inn a success?


(Film: Action Thriller)

5 Homicides. 1 Killer. 1 Ex-military cop to figure out what happened. It’s not what you expected. It’s actually quite the opposite. This action thriller is one of my all-time favorites.

Now you have lots of options that you can watch and enjoy on Netflix.

Please let me know in the comment section below what's your favourites on Netflix.

Until Next Time


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